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This page has links to the web sites of selected local restaurants, web sites listing and describing local attractions and events and the web sites of the better known bed and breakfast organizations.


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NamePhone    Comments
Ataula 894-8904 Spanish
Bamboo Sushi 971-229-1925 Japanese, Certified Sustainable Sushi
Basta's Trattoria 274-1572 Italian
Besaw's 228-2619 Café, Pacific NW
Boke Bowl 719-5698 Ramen
Boulangerie St Honore 445-4344 Coffee, Pastry
Caffe Mingo / Bar Mingo 226-4646 Italian
Elephant's Delicatessan 299-6304 Deli, breakfast/lunch/dinner
Grand Central Bakery 808-9860 Breakfast & sandwiches
Ken's Artisan Bakery 248-2202 Monday night pizza, lunch
Paley's Place 243-2403 French, Pacific NW, One of Portland's best
Papa Haydn / Jo Bar 228-7317 Known for its desserts
Serratto 221-1195 Great happy hour but get there early, full menu, too
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Pearl District

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Andina 228-9535 Peruvian
Piazza Italia 478-0619 Itallian, Reservations recommended
Verde Cocina 894-9321 Mexican, gluten free menu
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Kenny & Zukes 222-3354
Koi Fusion 997-6654 Food cart
Tasty n Alder 621-9251
Veritable Quandary 227-7342 One of Portland's best
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East Burnside

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Lauralhurst Market 206-3097 Steakhouse, butcher shop
Le Pigeon 546-8796
Navarre 232-3555 On 28th Ave
Screen Door 542-0880 Southern
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Autentica 287-7555 Mexican
Beast 841-6968 One of Portland's best, reservations required, Naomi Pomeroy, chef
Dove Vivi 238-4444 Pizza
Pambiche 233-0511 Cuban
Pine State Biscuits 477-6605 Biscuit sandwiches, NW & SE locations
Podnah's BBQ 281-3700 Barbecue
Tabla Mediterranean Bistro 238-3777 Mediterranean
Toro Bravo 281-4464 Tapas
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Ava Genes 971-229-0571 Italian, One of our favorites
Biwa 239-8830 Japanese
Boke Bowl 719-5698 Ramen
Bunk Sandwiches 477-9515 Lunch
Cafe Castagna 231-9959
Castagna 231-7373 Reservations required
The Country Cat 408-1414
The Farm 736-3276
Genoa 238-1464
Ken's Artisan Pizza 517-9951
Ned Ludd 288-6900
Nostrana 234-2427
Nuestra Cocina 232-2135 Mexican
Pok Pok 232-1387 Thai street food
Whiskey Soda Lounge 232-0102
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